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Your corporate website forms an important part of your company’s online marketing strategy. Regardless of whether your website involves lead generation, knowledge sharing, branding or something totally different, you’ll always need a top-quality website aimed at the achievement of your goals. So, from a marketing perspective, you want a fast and search engine-friendly site that’s easy to manage and expand. To reach your target audience as best possible, your website should also be responsive and easy to navigate. And it goes without saying that your website should be secure and perfectly in line with your corporate branding.

Of course, we don’t need to tell you how important all of this is. Yet, the above mentioned aspects are actually sticking points in the marketing strategies of many organisations. Obsolete technology and time-consuming working methods create frustration within marketing teams. After all, you as a marketer want your own options for managing and optimising your corporate website.

Updating your corporate website

There can also be other reasons for updating your website. It could be that the current site is based on legacy technology, or that a rebranding or change of content strategy is in the pipeline. In short, it’s time for an update. With our mission of helping companies achieve online success, our experts will design and develop a unique corporate website for you. WHITE is the digital agency that understands you, that brainstorms your goals with you and that develops the desired online solutions for you.

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One of our areas of expertise is the (further) development of corporate websites. So, we’re frequently asked to create corporate websites for major international organisations. Often, these sites are multilingual and have a large number of pages with localised content as desired. We’ll develop the ideal corporate website for you, working closely with your marketing team on achieving your online objectives. Together, we’ll lay a rock-solid foundation for online growth.

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A corporate site needs a flexible CMS

Curious about our secret weapon? It’s Craft CMS in combination with our expertise and many years of experience. Want to know why we like it so much? Because it’s a professional and highly flexible CMS that we configure to perfectly match your needs. Developed with the content-first principle in mind, Craft is an up-to-the-minute CMS aimed at marketing and content teams. It makes the content management of your website a breeze. Find out more about what makes this CMS the perfect fit for corporate websites.

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Corporate websites

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