A visual lead generation website using Craft CMS

The pioneering Dutch company PAL-V was born from the dream of building and selling a flying car. For twenty years, the founders were busy designing, building and testing prototypes. Now, the first model of the flying car is ready for production and almost fully approved for use. That is why PAL-V now needs a visual website that generates leads mainly through 'trust & excitement'.

UX/UI Design

Engaging design for an optimal user experience with a mix of text and images that appeals to the right target audience.

Web development

Custom development by our in-house development team, entirely according to the latest standards and compatible with different browsers and mobile devices.

Cloud hosting

Content delivery network with lightning-fast loading times worldwide, which keeps PAL-V safely in the air and serves international visitors optimally.

Craft CMS

Easy-to-manage website for PAL-V's marketers thanks to the flexible and user-friendly Craft CMS content management system.

The brief for this website

"Given the rapid growth and professionalisation of our company, it was abundantly clear that our branding needed an update," says PAL-V's online marketer Thijn de Bont. "In line with this, we also wanted to refresh our website. At first, we were thinking of purely stylistic adjustments, but after broad consultation, it turned out that we had more requirements and ideas.

Our main wishes were:

  • a structure based on lead generation;
  • a lot more (moving) images and less text;
  • a professional vacancies page;
  • easy-to-find investor information.

The conclusion was that the existing website needed to be rebuilt almost from scratch."

PAL V Een visuele leadgeneratie website met Craft CMS Mobile view

Proven partner for automotive and Craft CMS

"The choice to give this assignment to WHITE was quickly made. After all, they had also provided outstanding assistance with our previous website in 2017 and therefore knew our company well. A big extra plus was WHITE's expertise with visual automotive websites with a strong focus on lead generation. That really is a speciality after all."

"Step one was defining the new website structure. Given its importance for optimal conversion, we did not take this lightly. Once we had established the framework, WHITE energetically set to work on the construction. On their advice, we decided to build the new website - like the old one - using Craft CMS. In order for the new website to last for years to come, WHITE chose the very latest version of the Craft content management system. WHITE also guided us in developing the design for the website. We took on the rewriting of content ourselves."

PAL V Een visuele leadgeneratie website met Craft CMS Sfeerbeeld

Sophisticated configurator and 3D animation for added experience

"The website delivered by WHITE is exactly what we were looking for: the beautiful images draw attention immediately, show the product at a glance and enthuse the visitor. The limited space for text keeps the emphasis on experience. The scroll-sensitive 3D animation provides a full picture of the folding and unfolding of the PAL-V Liberty, while the sophisticated configurator allows you to choose your ideal colour. Thanks to a built-in AR function, visitors get a good idea of the size of the flying car."

PAL V Een visuele leadgeneratie website met Craft CMS Tablet and mobile view

Interactive range map as a surprising extra

"And the new website offers even more, such as the revamped vacancies page with a professional look that matches our ambitions and the modern employer we are. All investor information is neatly clustered together on a single businesslike page. The range map, an extra feature that WHITE surprised us with, shows at a glance how far you can travel with the flying car."

PAL V Een visuele leadgeneratie website met Craft CMS Droneshot Sfeerbeeld

Optimal security and performance

But De Bont has even more reasons to be happy with the new website. "Updating our outdated CMS (Craft CMS) was a fundamental step to ensure the security of our website. In fact, Craft's developers regularly release patches and updates to fix vulnerabilities and strengthen security. By keeping in step with this, we minimise the risk of cyber attacks and data breaches. With Craft's updates, we also benefit from improved website functionality and performance. This benefits the overall online presentation of our company."

PAL V Een visuele leadgeneratie website met Craft CMS Thijn de Bont Sfeerbeeld PAL V Een visuele leadgeneratie website met Craft CMS Logo in dashboard Sfeerbeeld PAL V Een visuele leadgeneratie website met Craft CMS Marloes in de PAL V Sfeerbeeld

Pal-V and WHITE collaboration

"For us, WHITE has once again proven itself to be an expert party that thinks proactively and is extremely pleasant to work with. Lines of communication are always short at WHITE, and when we have questions, they respond quickly and courteously. As in 2017, the whole process went smoothly. We can already see that the website is doing its job in terms of conversion: the leads we get are more interesting and concrete than before." - Thijn de Bont, Online Marketeer
PAL V Een visuele leadgeneratie website met Craft CMS 3 squares