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A Craft plugin is a Craft CMS extension implemented with a small piece of code. It offers extra options in addition to standard functionalities, or facilitates links to other systems. Thanks to a large range of plugins from the Craft CMS Plugin Store you can easily add specific functionalities to any Craft website or Craft Commerce webshop. The Craft CMS structure has been planned in such a way that you can securely and easily use plugins.

Plugin development for Craft CMS

Our many years of experience in Craft CMS and Craft Commerce mean that the development of Craft plugins is no mystery to us. WHITE has developed quite a few of its own plugins to date, a source of great pride for us. In our opinion, Craft plugins represent a valuable addition to our customers’ websites, so we approach this task very seriously. On this page, you’ll find a summary of the Craft plugins currently under development – as well as already released – by us.

Discover our plugins from the Craft Plugin Store!

We proudly present the Mollie Plus, Sendcloud & Picqer plugin!

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Mollie Plus

Offer all popular payment methods with Mollie Plus. A valuable addition to your Craft Commerce webshop that will undoubtedly make your online customer very happy.

The Mollie Plus plugin uses the Mollie Orders API. That is why this plugin offers more options than the existing Mollie plugin. In addition to all standard payment methods, Mollie Plus allows you to use the new, advanced payment methods that the platform offers. Think of Klarna Pay Later, Klarna Pay Now and Klarna Slice it: the currently widely used payment methods among online shoppers.

Mollie Plus plugin
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Use the purpose-developed Sendcloud plugin to link your Craft Commerce webshop to shipping platform Sendcloud and turn a laborious task into a quick and easy job.

The Sendcloud plugin facilitates integration of the shipping platform with the same name into a Craft Commerce webshop. It makes the entry of shipments into Sendcloud extremely simple and allows you to print out multiple shipping labels at the press of a button. And this plugin also gives you the option of integrating a collection location selector into the checkout page. This will make the shipment of parcels a walk in the park for you!

Sendcloud plugin
Plugin Store


Easily synchronise product stock levels and orders for efficient order handling with the Picqer plugin for Craft Commerce.

The Picqer plugin facilitates the synchronisation of product stock levels and orders between Craft Commerce and Picqer’s warehousing software. This plugin retrieves product stock levels from Picqer and forwards the data to Craft. Order information from Craft is sent to Picqer, and Picqer subsequently returns order status changes to Craft. Stock control has never been this easy!

Picqer plugin

Plugins for our webshop projects

We haven’t released all the Craft plugins developed by us in the Craft Plugin Store. The below plugins are fantastic additions to Craft Commerce, and we have until now only used them for our own webshop projects. Even so, we’d like to name them so that you can gain a good impression of our know-how when it comes to plugin development for Craft CMS.

Algolia Plus

Use all the advantages offered by search platform Algolia to – quicker than ever – search and filter products or documents in your website or webshop.

This Craft CMS plugin offers full integration with Algolia’s search and filter technology. Algolia is a powerful and innovative search platform that allows for lightning-fast filtering and searching of products or documents in overview pages. With it, you can offer your customer the optimum webshop experience.


Dropbox + Craft CMS = a strong combination! With this Craft plugin, Dropbox files and folders can be displayed in a Craft website or webshop.

As an example, document libraries or image databases can be fully managed via Dropbox. Craft provides (read-only) versions of uploaded files that users can subsequently download.


Wouldn’t it be great if product data, already in your ERP or checkout system, automatically appeared in your webshop? This plugin makes that possible.

The Craft Connector plugin allows Craft to link to other systems. This universal plugin can be used for importing or exporting data and has been optimised in such a way that it can quickly process large amounts of data. With this plugin, it becomes possible to fully link a Craft Commerce webshop to an ERP or checkout system. Use this plugin for robust integration with your back office software.

Commerce conditions

Are you after a user-friendly tool for importing promotions at category and individual level? Then expand your marketing toolkit with this useful plugin.

With this Craft Commerce plugin, you can set up specialised, advanced promotions. You can, for example, specify that a third free product gets added to a shopping basket if two specific products are bought. And it’s possible to allocate special prices to a combination of different products. This plugin represents a great Craft Commerce marketing extension.


Using product feeds has never been this easy! Easily link your feed with external feed management platforms and you’ll be good to go in no time at all!

Use this Craft Commerce plugin to create a universal automated product feed that can be shared with external feed management platforms such as Channable and Masterfeedwatch. Product data can then be used for online marketing channels like Google Shopping, and for affiliate marketing. With this plugin, you can use Craft Commerce as a source of data.

Asset synchroniser

The Asset Synchroniser will spare you a lot of manual work, such as linking images to products, so you’ll have extra time for handling more important matters.

This useful Craft CMS plugin automatically links images to e.g. products on the basis of file names. A large number of images can be uploaded and subsequently linked to the right products. This is extremely useful, especially when it comes to webshops with a lot of product images!


This is one that cannot be missing from your Craft environment! With the Translate plugin, even the most computer illiterate users can modify texts in website source codes.

With this supersmart Craft plugin, you can easily manage and modify all translations of texts found in the source code of your website or webshop, e.g. button texts and form labels. That’s exactly why we use this plugin for all of our projects!


Play it safe by using the Whitelist plugin. With it, you can easily specify who does – and who doesn’t – get access to the backend of your website.

With this Whitelist plugin, you can add extra security to your Craft CMS backend. It means that only certain IP addresses and/or users will be able to gain access to your website’s Craft admin environment. It’s also ideal for screening off acceptance or test environments.

Please contact us if we’ve convinced you about the added value of Craft plugins and you’re ready to take your website or webshop to the next level. We’d be delighted to discuss the options so that we can work out how we can facilitate development.

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