Interfood - Corporate website for dairy multinational

Multilingual corporate website with Craft CMS

You use dairy products every day. And did you know that there is a very good chance that one or more of those dairy products are produced by Interfood? Interfood is a major global player in the dairy market. With more than 350 employees, they serve more than 3000 customers and suppliers around the world. All this started in 1970 in our little country and has since grown to offices in no fewer than 14 countries. Interfood produces cheese, butter, milk and milk powders for, among others, the bakery, ice cream, dairy and confectionery industry.



Daywize integration

Craft CMS

New website as part of rebranding

A few years ago, we already developed the previous website for Interfood. That website was launched very quickly and was therefore somewhat simpler in design. Meanwhile, Interfood has moved on a few years and after a rebranding project we were commissioned to completely renew the website. Interfood provided us with the design of the new website and in close collaboration we developed a modern, multilingual website in Craft CMS.

Interfood Nieuwe Craft CMS website als onderdeel van rebranding Mobile view

Ready for global market with multilingual corporate website

The end result is impressive: a clear corporate website in five world languages, including Russian and Chinese. Even the video content is optimized for display in China. The CMS is equipped with multifunctional content blocks that Interfood can use in all directions. For example, they can now build a grid in no time, consisting of blocks with text, photos, videos and/or calls-to-actions. For the direct forwarding of applications to the HR department, we made a handy link with the vacancy system of Daywize.

The new corporate website of Interfood looks slick and is ready to serve their international target group!

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Interfood - Corporate website for dairy multinational - Tablet and mobile view
Interfood Corporate website voor zuivel multinational Sfeerbeeld koe in de wei