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Footwear webshop with timesaving features, smart filters and superfast search options!

Boudewijns Shoes is a genuine family business that has long been a household name in the Son en Breugel area of the southern Netherlands. In 2012, we started working on the online version of this footwear retailer, called Shoes by Boudewijns. The design of this custom webshop was entrusted to us, and together we’ve further developed it to a high standard at various levels over the years; from a complete design transformation to the switch to a futureproof ecommerce platform.


Web development

Stock management connector

Craft Commerce

Progressive and efficient

Over time, we’ve gotten to know Boudewijns Shoes as an ambitious client that wants to truly progress and is seriously dedicated to its online business. In combination with efficiency, a desire to move with the times wherever possible has ensured that this Craft Commerce webshop today has loads of terrific functions. Consider the product texts as a great example. We’ve designed these in such a way that they – for the most part – get generated automatically. This feature obviously cuts out a lot of work and, as a result, saves plenty of valuable time. Other timesaving functions used by Shoes by Boudewijns involve the various connections. Examples include connections to shipping platform Sendcloud, checkout system ACA, feed management tool Channable and data analysis platform KNIME.

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Filtering and search functions

If a webshop is going to be completely up-to-date, it must have a superfast search function. When you’re shopping online and looking for a specific product, you want to be able to find it as fast as you can with the search bar. The same goes for filtering, which has to be a quick and easy process. By integrating Algolia – a specialised and superfast search engine – we’ve guaranteed optimum performance of the filtering and search functions, as you’d expect from any modern-day webshop.

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Features of this Craft Commerce webshop

Efficiency and automation go hand-in-hand. After all, every process that gets automated means that you gain extra time to spend on other important matters. Here’s a glimpse at the most significant features and webshop integrations that WHITE has realised on behalf of Boudewijns Shoes:

Generated product content

By cleverly combining basic texts with a product feed, content gets generated automatically

Image synchronisation

Automatically links product images to products based on the file names of the images

Sendcloud connection

Fully integrated with Sendcloud’s all-in-one shipping software using our Sendcloud plugin

ACA checkout system connection

Product details, including prices and stock levels, automatically read in from the checkout system

Channable connection

Integration with feed management platform for the distribution of product data to various sales channels

KNIME connection

Smart online marketing via a link to the KNIME analytics platform for data analysis, reporting and integration

Bart Boudewijns, Owner Shoes by Boudewijns

"We’ve had a great association with WHITE for many years. Nine years ago, they developed our very first online shop, which turned out to be a huge success. Over the past year, WHITE has constructed a brand new, futureproof ecommerce shop for us. Our collaboration always runs smoothly and is characterised by short lines of communication, making it a most enjoyable experience."