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DETJER operates a webshop featuring timeless furniture inspired by the Chandigarh style from the late 1950s. Its main focus is on Indonesian chairs in four designs, handmade by genuine craftsmen and with sincere respect for the natural materials used. Besides chairs, the DETJER range also contains tables and utility- and garden furniture. All these pieces are top quality and all of them ooze exclusivity. And, to present its exclusive furniture in an appropriate way, DETJER needed a website that would do its products justice.


Web development

Stock management connector

Craft Commerce

Flexible solution

We’ve developed various websites on behalf of the founders of DETJER over the years, so we’re not strangers and were therefore able to engage quickly. Also, a well-built product structure had already been incorporated into the existing website and the company was quite happy with it. But DETJER was encountering a number of restrictions within the platform, which eventually led to the decision to get the webshop migrated to a more flexible platform that could meet the company’s specific needs. That’s what brought DETJER to Craft Commerce, and what got WHITE involved once again.

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Professionele maatwerk webshop Craft Commerce

Website online in record time

Having received the request, we took up our places behind the drawing board within just a few days. Together, we outlined a clear plan for tackling the most significant challenges faced by DETJER in the best way possible. One of these challenges involved an option for calculating carriage costs, not just on the basis of country but according to postcode too. Also, DETJER wanted a system that could calculate shipping costs per pallet. And the custom webshop had to be multilingual, distinguish between commercial and private orders and display customer-specific prices. It didn’t take us long to come up with the right solutions, so we were able to present a well-devised concept.

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Features of this webshop

As we’ve explained, DETJER had a range of different requirements. These features aren’t present by default in e-commerce platforms, and are hard or impossible to add in most cases. However, these requirements did not pose a problem when it came to the flexible Craft Commerce platform. Below is a list of the features required by DETJER:

Shipping costs calculated per pallet

Carriage costs based on postcode

Customer-specific prices for B2B customers

Multilingual webshop

Distinction between commercial and private orders

Efficient order picking via link with warehousing software

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Bjorn Thomasse, Founder DETJER

“WHITE has been a great online partner to us for years, so this excellent collaboration has given us the confidence to also have this website designed by WHITE. In no time, the migration of our previous CMS to Craft CMS was kick-started and rounded off, resulting in a webshop crammed with advanced technological innovations. Once again, working with WHITE on this project was a pleasant experience. Promises were kept, while we were given expert advice and were able to rely on fluent communication. And even more importantly, the DETJER webshop is now fully future proof!”
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