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What if all the product data you already have in your ERP or payment system appear in your web shop automatically? Wouldn't that be great? Also when a product is no longer in stock, it can be removed from the web shop automatically. Or you choose to give the product a label ‘temporarily out of stock’. It is all possible! Robust linking between your back-office systems and your web shop makes life easier. And makes sure you can primarily focus on your business.

Online only, or physical shops too

Of course, you can manage the inventory for your Craft Commerce web shop manually. But it is much more efficient to make a link to your Point of Sale (POS) system. Whether you focus fully on online sales or also run physical shops, an automated link between your ERP or POS system and your web shop saves you a lot of work.

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Seamless integration between online store and backoffice

A good web shop integration provides seamless synchronisation of data to the web shop, such as product, category, stock and customer data. At the end of the flow, the web shop integration also takes care of creating online orders and customers in the POS or logistics system.

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Integrations with Point of Sale

  • SRS Storeinfo
  • ACA Winstore
  • StoreContrl
  • Vendit

Integrations with ERP platforms

  • Exact Online
  • Exact Globe
  • AccountView
  • Becosoft

How do we start?

With clear specifications. We make an analysis of the functionalities and available data. There are different possibilities for every POS system or ERP package. Fortunately, we have more than 10 years experience with this and we can advise on the best options for your organization.

Basically, we can make any possible integration: from simple xml or csv solutions to complex real-time connections with web services such as SOAP or Rest. We always synchronize article and stock data as extensive as possible, so all you have to do is add marketing content (text and images). In most cases, we can also synchronize the images (several per product) to the product in the correct order automatically.

Of course, we also monitor the integration. If something does go wrong, we can find the issue quickly in the logs. This is all managed as a service within your no-worries subscription.

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Craft CMS integration expert

Are you considering Craft Commerce as a platform for your web shop and is robust integration with your backoffice very important to you? Or are you looking for a reliable Craft specialist that can help with your link for your existing Craft Commerce project?
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