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For the complex custom build e-commerce webshop

Over the years, we have learned that a webshop should just be a webshop. That means it is not the central pivot point, but an easily replaceable component in your e-commerce supply chain. If you are automating adjoining areas such as logistics, inventory or marketing, it is much better to choose software that is completely specialized in that specific area. In short, the webshop’s main task is to present your products beautifully and professionally, and to convert as many visitors into customers as possible.

Perfect for your e-commerce webshop

That is why WHITE Digital Agency works with Craft Commerce. The alternative that Craft Commerce offers is a breath of fresh air in the e-commerce landscape. It was built to meet the wishes of your enterprise, clean, flexible and independent for a standalone webshop. Or with smart webshop integrations to the existing systems and processes that the situation demands. Craft Commerce sticks to what it knows best.

When should you choose Craft Commerce?

  • If you want to roll out a good e-commerce core
  • If your webshop needs a unique experience or interaction
  • If your products do not fit the standard pattern
  • If custom work is necessary (in the future)
  • If the design is important
  • If you want to automate processes (in the future)

How does WHITE work with Craft Commerce?

  • Easy Cloud and SLA model
  • Premium technology, top notch infrastructure
  • Quick start with a good basis
  • Choosing the right systems for the solution
  • Big solutions with small building blocks
  • WHITE develops plugins and links

The power of Craft Commerce for your webshop

E-commerce only (without ballast) - Flexible product types - Standard multiple currencies - Robust VAT structure - Handy promotional codes and coupons - Support for more than 20 Payment Service Providers - Advanced shipping costs - No annual license costs for your webshop software

The major advantages of Craft CMS

Modern and robust core - Made for custom work - Highly flexible - Live preview - Responsive dashboard - User friendly - Content comes first - Robust page layouts

De kracht van je webshop op het Craft Commerce platform Craft Commerce

Important advantages of Craft Commerce

Product types

Make product types that fit with the different types of products that you sell. Every product type gets its own fields and settings.

Rich content

Make beautiful, long pages that consist of all kinds of elements with the handy matrix function from Craft CMS. No programming or design knowledge required.

Live preview

See the product page change immediately while you make your changes in the Craft administration environment.

Dynamic prices

Entice your customers with special offers based on dynamic pricing, e.g. “2nd item for half price”.

Inactive shopping cart

View all incomplete shopping carts in the dashboard and help customers complete their order.

Cross selling

Increase the order value by selling related or complementary products at the checkout. We can completely customize the check-out for you.


Set stock level for a product with limited availability. With every order, the stock is updated automatically. Determine minimum and maximum quantities per order.

Product variants

Some products are available in variants such as size or color. You can set the variant field, including inventory and price, for every product type.

Weight and dimensions

The dimensions and weight can be entered for each product. These data are shown on the product page and can be included in the shipping cost calculation.

Special prices

Set special prices for a specific group of visitors (with an account) or even for a specific customer.

Deferred payment

Let customers complete their orders but pay at a later time.

VAT settings

Set the VAT rate per product category and based on location. Choose whether the VAT is calculated per product or over the total.

Custom design

From basic styling to full customization, Craft Commerce provides WHITE Digital Agency with options to create a webshop that fits like a tailored Italian jacket.

Shopping everywhere

Products are not limited to the category overview pages. Products and the “in shopping cart” button can be displayed anywhere on your website.

Useful linking

Craft Commerce and Craft CMS have a well-organized structure for links and plugins. This enables us to keep expanding your webshop with functions and links.

Craft Commerce specialist

WHITE has a lot of experience in creating webshops on the Craft Commerce platform. Are you considering having your online store built on Craft Commerce? Or are you looking for a reliable Craft specialist for your existing Craft Commerce project?
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Craft CMS Enterprise Verified partner

WHITE is recognized as an official Enterprise Verified partner by the makers of Craft CMS. This certification not only shows that we have in-depth knowledge of Craft CMS but that we are also specialists in Craft Commerce. Enterprise Verified stands for an experienced e-commerce development team and a track record of complex webshop projects. It offers us the opportunity to interact directly with the Craft Commerce developers.

Craft CMS Enterprise Verified Partner WHITE Digital

Get a head start with our Craft Commerce user guide

Craft's greatest strength is flexibility. As such, every Craft Commerce website is a custom build. That makes it challenging to create a universal user guide. Therefore, the makers of Craft CMS only offer technical documentation for developers and no user guide.

Since we support many organizations with their Craft projects, we see that there is a lot of demand for a user manual of the Craft Commerce control panel. Especially for users such as content managers and marketing teams. That is why we have written a universal manual in consultation with the makers of Craft Commerce. Here we do not consider the project-specific custom part, but we do provide a good explanation about Craft Commerce. This will give you all the information you need to get off to a flying start with Craft Commerce.

View our Craft Commerce user guide

User Guide

Websites we've built on Craft Commerce

From a custom webshop linked to your current POS system to e-commerce in subscription form