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A lookbook yes, you read that right. Officially we are not allowed to classify the website of de Galazaak among the webshops, because visitors cannot make a purchase online. The main purpose of this website is to give potential customers an impression of the collection and prices, and then help them further in the stores. With five large, modern stores spread across the Netherlands, the Galazaak is fully equipped to advise customers personally about the perfect evening dress with matching shoes and accessories.

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Craft Commerce

Years ago we developed the first version of with great enthusiasm, then in Craft 2 and Commerce version 1. The migration to Craft 3 and Commerce 3 followed in 2021. From design to development and everything in between: this website is realized by WHITE from A to Z. It's a website that we developed entirely in Craft Commerce. We made a link with StoreContrl, the POS system that is used in the stores, and ensured that all 5000+ main products, often with five or more variants, are synchronized with Craft. We also made product overviews with extensive search and filter options and images with zoom function; functionalities that really belong in an e-commerce website. Despite not being able to place an online order, the website meets the most important e-commerce requirements in all other areas. Finally, a lot of attention has been paid to optimizing the technology and content with the aim of ranking as high as possible in the organic results of the search engines. All in all a real out of the box project, and that makes it all the more fun to work on. Even after all these years!

De Galazaak B2 C website Mobile inspiration

Koert van Eerten, co-owner and Marketing Director at De Galazaak

“Virtually all of our marketing budget goes to online marketing. Perhaps strange for physical stores, and especially if you know that we don't sell anything online. Nevertheless, online grooming for our women's occasionwear specialists works excellently. Our strategy is not top of mind, but top of find. We are the market leader in the Netherlands in this niche. That does require special demands on the website. We therefore monitor them very critically. In WHITE we have found a partner who dares to take up the discussion and really thinks along. In Craft, we've found a versatile system that can control our strange twists. Finding good partners in business is a prerequisite for success. And we consider WHITE a very suitable partner in our pursuit of success.”

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