Hellebrekers & Visual Link – Corporate and product website

Takeover of Hellebrekers corporate site and development of new Visual Link product website

Hellebrekers contacted WHITE for modifications to its existing Craft CMS website. The company required further development at technical level, as well as in the field of UX/UI. What followed was a migration of the corporate website to WHITE, during which a number of significant steps were taken. We also developed a brand new website for Hellebrekers’ Visual Link Software, Visuallink.nl. In doing this, we transformed a single domain project into a multidomain project. As a result, both websites can be now managed in the same Craft environment. In addition, we provided technical SEO support by using a detailed scan to implement a range of changes. The migration and launch of the new website have meanwhile been successfully completed, and there are even plans for a third website that will likewise be linked to the current Craft environment. We can’t wait to also make a success of this new project!

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Hellebrekers Visual Link Bedrijfs en product websit mobile view Hellebrekers Visual Link Bedrijfs en product websit mobile view mob

Jolanda Spoor, Marketing Specialist

The existing Hellebrekers website was just what we wanted in terms of design, but its ‘engine’ rattled a bit. The experts from WHITE took over the site as a whole and fixed everything ‘under the bonnet’ that wasn’t quite right. Now, the entire structure is conveniently arranged, and making our own modifications can almost be described as child’s play. The attractive site has become an attractive AND workable site. The Visual Link challenge involved the construction of a second website within an existing website environment that – on the one hand – would run fully independently and – on the other – could utilise all the functionalities of the main website. WHITE came through this challenge with flying colours. The Visual Link website has become a functional and cleverly constructed site that really catches the eye. With WHITE, you don’t feel like you’re one of many customers. Instead, you feel like you’re the ONLY customer. To them, a deal is a deal. And they are always there if you need help. What makes working with WHITE so great is the company’s ability to respond quickly, to immediately solve problems and to deliver within the agreed timeframe and budget.

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