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Multilingual corporate website created in Craft CMS

Admesy is known for developing a wide range of high-quality light and colour measuring equipment for testing displays in production lines. From smartphone displays to large TV panels. The company was founded in 2006 by former Philips engineers who were developing measurement equipment for displays. Meanwhile, Admesy has grown into an international company with offices in the Netherlands, China, Korea and Japan. With a growing product range that ticks the highest standards for accuracy and speed, Admesy has a global customer base.



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Craft CMS

Looking for a Craft CMS specialist...

Where some clients start by looking for a web agency, Admesy was really looking for a Craft CMS specialist. In fact, the choice for Craft CMS was already made. Admesy did extensive research on various content management systems and Craft CMS came out on top.

The next step was to find an agency that would create the website perfectly for them. As a Craft CMS Enterprise partner, the choice for WHITE was quickly made.

Admesy - B2B corporate website - mobile view

Working together to achieve the very best results

This project centered on collaboration to achieve this beautiful end result. Admesy's design agency provided a fully thought-out design. We developed a multilingual corporate website with extensive product information, downloads, articles and an intranet.

Because Admesy has many customers in Asia, the website is also available in Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages. To quickly create web pages in other languages, WHITE implemented a new feature that transfers web texts to other languages at the push of a button.

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Peter Karp, Senior Sales & Support Manager at Admesy B.V.

A little later than originally expected, but now our new website is ready ( and we are very happy with the result. The Craft CMS is well laid out and editing content is easy. Also important for us was that we can professionally convert the website into multiple languages (incl. 3 Asian) and colleagues abroad can easily make the translations. WHITE can certainly be recommended as a partner for a new website.
Admesy - B2B corporate website - Tablet and mobile view
Admesy - B2B corporate website sfeerbeeld