Why migrate from Craft CMS 2 to Craft CMS 3?

As you might know, new versions of Craft CMS are launched every once in a while. Right now, Craft 3 is the most current version. Because we still manage many Craft version 2 websites, we’ve compiled this article to make it clear why we recommend customers with Craft 2 websites to migrate to Craft 3.

Most Content Management Systems need to be updated or migrated, just as you’d update something like your phone every few years. This is because, after some time, your phone will no longer be able to run the latest operating system, so it won’t support the new features offered by the manufacturer. The same actually applies to CMS systems, including Craft CMS. As soon as Craft launches a new version, any further developments are aimed solely at that version. Support and security are still provided for a previous version, but these do lapse as time goes by. Once support ends, Craft generally offers one further year of security. This doesn’t mean that your website will then stop working, but for reasons of security and being able to take advantage of the most advanced features and plugins, we recommend that you migrate from Craft 2 to Craft 3.

Craft CMS 3 migration from Craft CMS 2

Advantages of Craft 3

An migration from Craft 2 to Craft 3 will take a various number of hours, depending on the size and complexity of your website. This is because developers must transfer the website to a new CMS version, something that represents a larger operation for one website than for another. Whatever the case may be, you obviously want to know what you can expect from this migration. What exactly are the advantages? Below, we list the most significant improvements incorporated into Craft 3.

Image editing

In Craft 2, images have to be uploaded in the right format. If you want to use a different format, you have to first edit the desired images in separate imaging software. Craft 3, on the other hand, allows you to do this within the CMS.

Options include the cropping, rotating and mirroring of images, as well as an option to use the Focal Point to place focus on the most important part of the image. This will make it much easier to use images and save you a lot of time.

Craft CMS 3 image and photo editing


Craft 2 is not undergoing any further development, and no new features have been added since 31 January 2020. Security updates are only released in case of problems. Your website will continue working as normal, but problems such as Craft CMS leaks will not be resolved.

Improved usability

The user-friendliness of the CMS has taken a major step forward. Tasks such as the management, modification and addition of content will be a lot easier in Craft 3.

Content export

The latest version of Craft CMS features an export button on every page. You can use this to easily download files with pre-entered data and quickly export content whenever you need texts.


If you and your company run multiple websites, these can be managed from a single backend with Craft 3. Fewer passwords to remember, less switching between different logins and content available from a single image library. In a nutshell, a super-practical system!


In layman’s terms, a headless CMS makes it possible to make content available via an API. With an API connection, developers can link systems other than just websites to Craft. Imagine, for example, a mobile app that uses the API to display the same content that you’ve posted on your website.

More effective development

When it comes to development work, Craft 3 brings with it a range of advantages. Developers can work faster and more efficiently in this system, meaning that they need less time to further develop your website.

Plugin store for Craft 3

The limited range of plugins available for use in Craft 2 has been significantly expanded in Craft 3 with the arrival of a Craft Plugin Store. Here, you’ll find countless options for expanding or linking the Craft CMS. All currently developed plugins have been designed for Craft 3 and cannot be used in Craft 2.

Craft CMS 3 plugin store

Your website future proofed

All things considered, there are – in addition to security – other advantages that make a migration from Craft 2 to Craft 3 an interesting prospect. As long as security is still in place, you can keep this migration in mind as a worthwhile option. However, as soon as Craft CMS can no longer guarantee security updates, we recommend that you migrate to the latest version without delay. After all, if the makers cannot provide security, neither can we. But one thing is certain: migrating from Craft 2 to Craft 3 will bring you completely up to date and future proof your website!

Craft CMS 2 migration to Craft CMS 3 - BG for overlay

How often will new versions of Craft be released?

This is undoubtedly a question you’ll have once you have read this article. And as you’d expect, we unfortunately cannot answer this question because it’s simply not up to us. But we can say that Craft has already revealed plans for Craft 4, although the actual launch is still some time away. Whatever the case may be, we still recommend that Craft 2 websites migrate to Craft 3. Craft has, in fact, announced that migrating from 3 to 4 will not be as complicated. But migrating from 2 to 4 would involve a complex process, so you’d do well to get a head start. If you do, we’ll be able to respond quickly when the release of Craft 4 is announced.

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