Store Settings

In this chapter we briefly indicate which store settings can be made. With the menu Commerce>Store settings you can get to this section. Usually the developer will do the setup during the installation of Commerce. Normally it is not necessary to make any changes.

It is possible that the store settings are not available due to the rights. Consult with the developer or the admin of the website to get permissions.

# Store Location

States the business address of the store. This address can be used by various plug-ins. Think of shipping, taxes and PDFs.

# Payment Currencies

A currency can be selected based on the applicable ISO code.

When orders have already been placed, the currency cannot be changed as long as there is only one (primary currency).

When using multiple currencies, a conversion rate can be set.

# Donations

It is possible to create an opportunity to ask for a donation during the order process. These are always tax Free and non-shippable.

# Countries and States

All countries to which you sell should be entered here. A country can be divided into states. Both countries and states can be made active or inactive separately. Based on this data, shipping costs or taxes can be calculated.

# Subscriptions

Subscriptions in Commerce can only be used by a Payment Gateway that specifically supports this. Consult your developer if you want to know more about this topic.

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