# Introduction

This manual is written for maintaining and managing an online webshop based on Craft CMS with Commerce Pro. If you use Commerce Lite, some of the functions described in this manual will be missing from your web store. Still, you can make good use of this manual because Commere Lite has the same basic functionality as Commere Pro. If you are a developer and want to know more about the technical setup of Commerce itself, we refer you to technical documentation at craftcms.com (opens new window).

The greatest strength of Craft CMS is that it is very flexible and versatile and yet uniquely designed for your situation. This also applies to Commerce. Every web store is therefore customized, which makes it a challenge to publish a detailed user manual. We can give a good basic explanation of Commerce with this manual, but we have to leave out the custom setup.

In this manual, we will cover the fixed parts order as they are also displayed in Commerce’s menu. For how the general functions work on overview pages and detail pages, go to our Craft CMS manual (opens new window). It is advisable to learn Craft CMS first before proceeding with this Commerce manual.

With the help of this manual, you can get a good start in Commerce. Even though we cannot highlight the specific setup too extensively, it will still be clear to you in most cases. Are you unable to figure it out? Contact the developer of your store.

In this manual we assume you are working with an English speaking user in the Craft control panel. If you are working with an Dutch speaking user, please use the Dutch version (opens new window) of this manual.

This manual has been carefully composed by WHITE Digital Agency with the explicit permission of Pixel & Tonic (opens new window), the creators of Craft CMS and Commerce.

It is not allowed to distribute this manual without our prior permission. The brands and logos mentioned are property of Pixel & Tonic (opens new window).

Additions or comments? Please let us know! Together we can help others have a great Commerce experience.

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