In Craft you have the possibility to create categorized structures to manage certain fields within the content. For example, it can be used for systematic filtering. A developer can use categories in the content structure as desired.

Go to the Categories menu to view any existing categories.


Categories can be used in Craft in a variety of ways. For example, on a product overview page where you want the customer give the ability to filter products by color. The visitor is looking for a red product, clicks Red and all products with the related color category are filtered and displayed on the screen.


While adding products in Craft for example, one or more categories can be selected.

# Create new categories

New categories can be created using the New category button at the top right of the screen.

new category.

You can create a new one directly in a main category by using the arrow next to the button. If only one main category has been created, this option will not become available.

Main categories can only be created by a developer.

# Rearange categories

You can arrange categories as you wish by moving them into another order or even category. To do this, grab the line by the four-dotted symbol and drag it to the right position.


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