Tips & Shortkeys

When you click on your website name in the upper left corner, a new window opens containing your website. Useful for viewing changes after editing.


# Shortkeys

Craft has a number of useful keyboard shortcuts, which allow you to perform certain actions faster and saves time:

Windows Apple Description
Ctrl-s Com-s Saves your changes during content entry. If the content has not been published before then it always saves the draft (a little green check mark will appear). If the content has been published before it will be published again immediately.
Shift-Ctrl-s Shift-Com-s As mentioned above ánd immediately creates a new content page. Useful when you have to write many articles in a row.
Shift-Space Shift-Space Opens a preview of the selected image. You can use your arrow keys to navigate through a series of images. Arrow ⬆= next and arrow ⬇= back.


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