The Saunas & Swimming Pools webshop has all kinds of great features

For example, you can imagine that shipping a sauna is different from shipping a packet of butter. Craft Commerce offers a very rich environment for setting up the 'shipping rules'. We have used these for the diverse product range of Saunas & Swimming Pools.

To convince the consumer, we have provided the product detail page with very rich product descriptions and specifications. In addition, the consumer can immediately ask a question about the product. The product overview page makes it very easy for consumers to find the right item; the smart search function - where a misspelling is forgiven - works perfectly with the filters, where you can tick as much check boxes as necessary to find your perfect filter combination.

In this project we have worked closely with the online marketing partner of Saunas & Swimming Pools. Together we paid attention to the SEO technical aspects of the webshop. For example, the master feed for channable ensures that the webshop entrepreneur can also promote his products on other platforms. For a webshop, the standard information that you can get from Google Analytics about the visitor, the channels and the pages visited is not yet sufficient. You just want to know the behavior in the shopping cart, the functioning of the checkout, etc. By adding Enhanced E-commerce, we make this e-commerce specific data available.

But we also look at the visitors who do not finish their shopping cart, because the neighbor is suddenly at the door. We will send the consumer a gentle reminder by email later, of course with all products still neatly in the shopping cart. In this way, we increase the conversion and we help the consumer. The customer also receives such a handy email when he has not ordered for 3 months. Of course with a nice discount code in it.

In this project we have also set up various logistics processes in the Craft Commerce backend. For example, we have made a handy list view of all products that fall below a certain stock limit. This makes it immediately clear what can be ordered. We can also set up different order statuses in Craft Commerce. Fully geared to the logistics process of the webshop entrepreneur.
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