Craft CMS for a flexible website

Craft CMS as a solid foundation for your website! The most flexible and enjoyable CMS that we know.

We use Craft CMS as a robust foundation for your website. It is a high quality, flexible content management system that is perfectly set up to manage your website and keep it user-friendly. It supports large-scale and multilingual websites with custom design and custom functionalities.

Seamlessly set up for your situation

The CMS makes it possible for us to make a website that is perfectly attuned to your organization. Both on the front-end with custom design, layout, structure and functionalities, as well as on the back end where it gives us complete flexibility in the way we do the set up.

We make Craft CMS websites as an Enterprise Verified partner

WHITE is recognized as an official Enterprise Verified partner by the makers of this platform. This certification shows that we have in-depth knowledge of the platform. Also, it is proof that the WHITE team consists of experienced developers, that we have a reliable business model and the right knowledge to run complex projects. Finally, this badge offers the opportunity for us to interact directly with the Craft developers.

Craft CMS Enterprise Verified Partner WHITE Digital

What makes this CMS so unique?

The well-known packages currently in the market are based on a standard structure that developers try to adapt to the customer’s situation as much as possible. That means that, with these packages, you immediately start with ‘renovation’ instead of building. The platform we use, on the other hand, is set up to create the most suitable solution for you.

It has unique functionalities that also make it suitable for other applications. For instance, with extensive user settings, it is an excellent choice for a document bank or customer portal. Moreover, a website can easily be expanded with a web shop in a later phase using the very powerful Craft Commerce plugin.

Esmee Client Succes Team Contact

Belangrijke voordelen van Craft CMS voor je website

Important advantages for your website

Custom design and layout

It is intended for custom design.

Custom functionalities

The platform is designed for expansions and ongoing development.

Extremely flexible CMS

The back-end is a custom setup for your situation, which also makes it easier for the people who will maintain your website.

Live preview

View your changes to the website before you publish it.

Handy drag & drop interface

Drag the components to its place, in all kinds of locations. For example the order of menu items, content blocks or photos and files.

Editing without layout

You don’t have to worry about the layout, Craft takes fully care of that.

User rights

Determine access to the level of components at the front-end and back-end.

Plugin store

There are a lot of plugins available. Handy building blocks with additional functionality.

Integrate with other platforms

Plenty of possibilities to integrate your website with other platforms and systems.

Standard multilingual

Multilingual functionality is integrated and cleverly incorporated in the CMS, clearly and quickly.

Economical license model

The one-time license fee for Craft is low, continued by a small annual amount for updates.

Constantly on going development

More and more organizations around the world are using it.

Admesy - B2B corporate website - mobile view
It was important to us that we can professionally convert the website into multiple languages ​​(including 3 Asian) and that colleagues abroad can make the translations easy.
Peter Karp, Senior Sales & Support Manager
Iris Intranet Website Craft CMS mobile view clean
We wanted to develop a website where all visitors, regardless of their phase of orientation, could find the right information. With the help of WHITE, this has been a great success and we’ve created an attractive, fresh and comprehensive website.
Roel Knapen, Founder and owner Iris Intranet
DETJER B2B & B2C Webshop - Mobile shopping
Promises were kept, while we were given expert advice and were able to rely on fluent communication. And even more importantly, the DETJER webshop is now fully future proof!
Bjorn Thomasse, founder DETJER
Van Herwerden - B2C webshop - Mobile shopping
Not many could handle the job of raising the level of our online platform. But WHITE’s personal and professional approach proved to be the decisive factor as early as our first meeting.
Steven van Herwerden, owner of Van Herwerden Wielersport
Coppens Warenhuis Webshop mobile view clean
WHITE is a unique, progressive internet agency that pays a lot of personal attention to us as a customer. And this approach fits in perfectly with our family business!
John Coppens, Coppens Warenhuis

Craft CMS specialist

WHITE has a lot of experience in Craft projects. Are you considering having your website built on this CMS? Or are you looking for a reliable specialist for your existing Craft website? Please contact us.

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