The added value of a webshop

Increased revenue and traffic

Improved user experience, service and loyalty

Be more efficiënt with an ERP integration

Custom pricing groups, inventory managment and more

WHITE works with Craft Commerce

Our passion? Making B2B portals and webshops that align perfectly with our customers requirements. At WHITE we design and develop advanced technical solutions that work for you. That is what we're good at. We carefully selected Craft which is amazing for tailor-made digital solutions. Over time companies develop complex logistic and operational processes which make that every B2B requires an unique approach. Tackling a high level of complexity is when WHITE thrives, organising and creating buttery smooth processes.

Waarom een B2B webshop van WHITE

V Craft Enterprise Partner
V 20 jaar e-commerce ervaring
V Strategische partner voor internationale B2B bedrijven
V Gespecialiseerd in de realisatie van complexe weboplossingen
V Koppelingen met nagenoeg alle ERP systemen
V Betrouwbare partner

Why choose WHITE

Craft Enterprise Partner

Over 20 years of e-commerce experience

Strategic partner for international B2B enterprises

Specialised in developing complex web applications

Custom integrations with your ERP system

Trusted digital partner

Realtime integrations

Years of experience with custom integrations and connectors enables us to help you create a seamless transition between your existing backoffice system such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SAP, Afas Porfit or external applications. We got your back, integrating your CRM, PIM, WMS, POS, inventory managment and other backoffice software such as Gripp, Becosoft, Sendcloud or Plusmaker.

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